Friday, July 25, 2014

5 on Friday........

It's been a while since we've done a good 5 on Friday, so I thought it would be fun to do one!

* My Clarisonic came in, and my goodness, I am in love! Now question, I just used the gel cleanser that came with it and I loved it. But is it true you can use any face cleanser with it? If so, which do you guys love? I seriously may just stick with the Clarisonic cleanser though.

* I am planning on going through all the closets in our house this weekend. I am talking head to toe cleaning and organizing. I may even do a blog sale when I am done, would y'all be interested? Now if only my closets would like this when I was done. Hey, a girl can dream right?

* I've been on a major couscous kick lately and this one looks divine!!! I mean bacon, corn, and cream cheese....sign me up!!

* My shoesleggings, and favorite tee all came in the mail Wednesday, and I wore every piece to the gym on Thursday :) I received so many compliments on my running shoes. The color pink is gorgeous!! And these socks are the best around!

* Last, how beautiful is this kitchen and dining room! I love the way the kitchen is more modern and dining room is more rustic. They look amazing mixed together, and it's just my style.