Monday, June 30, 2014

Plum Pretty Sugar...........

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

We are at the beach enjoying our family vacation. There is nothing quite like a week of beach, pool, and together time. So happy to have my entire family in one house for a week.

I know you guys have heard me talk of Plum Pretty Sugar.  I am not kidding when I tell you I live in my  robe. I keep it on until the very last minute every morning, it's so soft and comfy. I swear my coffee just taste better in it ;) 

Well get this, they now make clothes, and really pretty clothes at that. When I spotted these skirt sets I knew I wanted one! The colors and the patterns are so my style. Best part, the blouse and the skirt are made out of the same material as their robes so it's like being able to wear my robe in public, well kinda. 

The colors are even more bright and fun in person, I am just smitten with mine. Plus you can mix and match the pattern and color you like best!

Outfit Details
Blouse in bobon c/o Skirt in verite // 

My bracelet and necklace are by Gorjana, a favorite brand of mine. Right now they are having a summer sale with 30% off select styles. You can shop them all right here.
Love this Xo cuff so much!


  1. Gorgeous you wear this outfit well and it makes you look so tall!

  2. Love the skirt top combo. The skirt looks so comfortable!

  3. OBSESSING over this outfit! You look fab! xo

  4. Love pink and green together!! You look Fab!

  5. Thank you, thank you Caycee for your kind support. We adore you so much! xoxo

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  7. This quite possibly just became my favorite outfit! I must own this! Lookin' great Caycee!! xoxo

  8. Seriously, I can't deal with your cuteness!! I love Plum Pretty!!