Friday, June 27, 2014

6 things on Friday........

I had to add one more thing today!!! Because when I spotted this Amanda Uprichard maxi for half off, I knew you guys needed to know!!! Bloomingdales just launched a huge sale, with some amazing brands!!! How sick is this dress, and the back has me swooning!! And this bikini ahh!!!!

My entire family and I  are heading out for a week long beach trip tomorrow. I am beyond excited, and Todd is taking the entire week off to be with us. Can I get a heck yeah for family vacation!!  I am taking my camera and computer with me, but I plan to keep it pretty short and sweet next week on the blog! 

Here's a picture of all of them from our beach trip two years ago.

Seeing those old pictures had me feeling sentimental, so I went back and looked at more. I came across this one and teared up. What happened to my fuzzy haired baby girl?

Todd and I had our date night last night. It's quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. We were originally going to Edmund's Oast, but without a reservation the wait was going to be at least an hour so we hopped on over to The Tattooed Moose and had a great burger and some awesome duck fat fries. It's so nice to have a conversation without little kiddos interrupting ;) 

Continuing right along with my Lilly obsession, I can't stop thinking about how I would love to add this elephant dress to my collection. Hey, it is under $100!!!


Last, one of my favorite online boutiques GoodNight Macaroon is having a flash sale today starting at 12 am on all the items below, you can save 30% on all these items. If you see something you want grab it now before it's gone! 

This dress is included. And I am picking up this one today for fall.

And so is this one. Two of my favorites!


  1. I need that black lace dress for fall but no way could i breastfeed in it. HA!

  2. basil...oh basil. :( love that white dress!

  3. Have a great trip (loving the elephant dress too!) x