Friday, May 9, 2014


I promised you guys pretty, and pretty you shall receive. I hope you're not too busy at the moment because once you click the link below you are going to be sucked in, I promise!!! 
{oops I just realized my link was all messed up and I had you guys going and looking a kid shoes, it's all fixed now ;) can you tell I am still out of it.}
Allow me to introduce you guys to Mosaic.  Beautiful clothes, beautiful models, and I can tell you because I know, a beautiful owner! 
{See I told you, inside and out}

I just love her simple mantra.......
 "Be very selective about the items you add to your wardrobe. Add pieces that will stand the test of time and will remain a staple in your closet".

Ok, enough chatting lets talk fashion, and my new dress!!! I tell you no lie when I say it's my favorite piece in my closet to date!! You all are going to go gaga over all the amazing pieces in her shop. 

Outfit Details

And because I told you she was sweet, she is offering you guys a discount of 20% off!!! That's right, 20% off anything your little heart desires!! Hey, it's almost Mothers Day, you deserve it :) 

Shop all the prettiness right here, and use the code HWTH20 for your discount!

Happy Friday's going to be a good day!!!


  1. Ok that is the cutest dress ever! And it looks amazing on you!!!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Thanks to you and Natalie for getting me hooked on Mara Hoffman! LOVE her style. This dress needs nothing else but some great shoes! Thanks for the info and discount!!!

  3. That dress was made for you girl, you look stunning! I didn't get a chance to comment on your post yesterday but I hope you are feeling better! Any time you get surgery it looks worse before it looks better so hang in there sweets! xx

  4. I've been waiting on you to spill the goods on that dress! I love it soooo much! You look gorge! I hope you're feeling better today and Happy Mother's Day!

  5. That dress! Gorg! Happy Mommy's Day! You deserve it!


  6. Beautiful dress Caycee ! Wow, I'm heading there now to see her gorgeous clothes.

  7. That dress is amazing! Hope you are feeling better! I just picked up Mara Hoffman's rays dress from the Saks sale and it is amazing! Love your pattern though! Have a great weekend!

  8. Love that dress on you pretty mama! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy mother's day!! Xo