Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here come the tears....... + a few happy things!!!

Many of you warned me this would happen. It's day two off of painkillers, and omg!!! I knew I would probably feel a little different, but I had no idea it would be like this.

I know many of you are probably OVER hearing about this entire surgery and my stomach ha! But a lot of you wanted to know, plus I want this for my memory. You know in case I decide I need new boobs or something..... I am freaking kidding!!! 

So I feel like Tuesday's post was all kind of smoke and mirrors. I was high as a kite and seeing nothing but butterflies and rainbows (and not a swollen tummy).

This morning however is a different story. I took my bandages off to jump in the shower and the tears started to flow. My stomach was swollen and my incision looked terrible, well I am going to spare you the details. Actually I am not, because I know this will change as it heals. But right now it's bad, and my scar is pretty high. By high, I mean (like an idiot) I tried to put on a pair of my bikini bottoms and my nasty incision was way above the top of my bikini bottoms and the tears began to flow. 

My emotions are all over the place (those painkillers are no joke). Todd doesn't understand, and I don't really expect him too because in all reality I don't either. He just thinks "Caycee, you have wanted this for years, and it finally happened, so please just be happy!!!" I want to be, and I am sure in a few days I will be. Right now I am just in some pain, ready to get this drain out, and trying to get back to planet Earth.

On a good note, I am so happy to have my babies back!!! They make me so happy and their sweet spirits are taking my mind off everything else. Carson is the sweetest ever. When he saw my boo boo I could tell it made him uncomfortable. He came over hugged me very softly and said, "Mama, I am sorry you are hurt." Then, a few minutes later in his sweet voice he said, "But mama, I can't stand to look at that thing anymore." Haha! I love his honesty. Taylor, on the other hand, keeps trying to take my drain and keeps telling me it's her boo boo. Girl will try to take all the attention I tell you! #likemotherlikedaughter

So a real update on what my stomach looks like........ I am only sharing these because I had so many people thinking about this surgery and wanting to know all the details.  

With all this said, and my emotions all over the place, I still think I made the right decision. I think in the end, after it all heals, I am going to feel better about my body and it's going to look good. After all this was an elective surgery, so I don't want to come off as complaining, I just want you all to know how everything is really going!

Now please, you guys be honest and let me know if you would like to continue to be updated, or would you rather go back to pretty pictures and fashion? Either way, I am cool with it! 
We are definitely doing pretty for tomorrow though!!!
And because I just saw this, I thought I would let you know Saks is having a 40% off sale,
and my Lilly top is included :) That's a happy thought for you on this Thursday!!

And because this is sure to make you smile! My friends at Yosi sent Taylor and I the most adorable shoes and I had to share!!! Not only are they the most comfortable and cutest, they are also super affordable!!!