Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday...............

1) Last weekend we busted out the jump castle!!!! Nothing makes my kids as happy as this thing does, and if I am being honest, I kinda love it too ;) Summer we are ready!

2) Last night I attended SPF Event by the Pool!! I had the best time! The fashion show was awesome, and the girl company was even better! It was my first night out post surgery, and it was great! I was dying to get out of the house and get dressed up! I wore my new Summer Lilli Embellished Dress , all the embellishments up top really make this dress!!!

3) It's no secret I love Jessica Simpson!!!! Next to Cameron Diaz, she's number two in the girl crush department!!! But to be honest, I've never paid her clothes much attention, they've always just seemed meh, to me! Not this season though, this season she is bringing it! No exception is this gorgeous maxi dress!!

4) If you missed my late post yesterday, don't forget the Tory Burch seasonal sale is still going on!!! I could not believe all the amazing things on sale!!! I am so excited these are on their way to me :) And how about these perfect flip flops for $35.00!!
**Also Serena and Lily is having 20% off site wide!!!!! Now's the time to grab your baskets and Hannah Anderson pajamas!! I am seriously contemplating buying us new bedding too, I am in love with this all white!!

*Use code VIP20 to save*

5) And I leave you with this........... happy weekend friends!!!!