Monday, May 5, 2014

3 things..............................

ONE: I am missing my babies like crazy!! They have been gone since Thursday night and I won't get them back until tomorrow. I know they are having a blast with mimi and papa, but I miss them. I can't wait to kiss their sweet faces!

I am doing really well post surgery, and I am going in today to have my drain removed. They will take off all my bandages and I will finally get to see my stomach!!! Eekk.... I must admit I am a little nervous! The pain has been tolerable, but I have been taking my pain medicine around the clock! I have also been craving burgers and fries...Oh hell!!!

I have spent the last few days in the bed with my laptop. So as you can probably guess I have found a ton of fabulous outfits!! 
 Nordstrom just restocked this dress that I wore last year here. Isn't the blue stunning!!! And I literately can't get this dress out of my head, reminds me of this Milly dress for a fraction of the price!

{ps everything on my list is under $100.00, and most under $50.00}