Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday....

Clinique is my jam. I would say that 90% of my makeup and skin care is from Clinique. I have used Clinique since high school, and as the saying goes, if ain't broke don't fix it! And going on right now at Nordstroms they have their gift with purchase, and it's a really great one! Totally worth a $32.00 purchase!!!

Here are some things from Clinique that I couldn't live without and that I use on a daily basis!

Rinse off foaming cleanser // Bronzer in sunkissed // Chubby Stick plumped in pink
Blush berry pop // Cream shaper chocolate luster // High impact mascara black // Blush brush // Powder brush

I went Lilly shopping on Wednesday! I found so many things that I loved that I had a hard time deciding between this skirt and top or this dress!! In the end the dress won, I could just see myself throwing it on a lot more during the hot summer!! The new cut of her T-shirt dresses are so awesome, and so flattering!!!
*Speaking of Lilly, they are on Rue La La today and there are some great dresses for cheap*
Like, this onethis one, and this one!!!!

I love this picture of Taylor and I so much. She usually never gives me kisses when I ask beg, but on this day I guess she was feeling especially sweet!! The romper I am wearing in this picture is only $55.00, and best part, it feels like pajamas!

I revived my first box from Yumvelope last week and so far I am loving it!! I have the hardest time when it comes to eating a healthy snack. I usually just reach for the kids Goldfish or cookies, so I am hoping this will keep me on track a little more. Plus, it' so fun to be surprised with yummy healthy treats in the mail! My favorite so far is the strawberry fig bar!

I saw this kitchen last week on Pinterest and I think it's the most beautiful kitchen ever!! I am definitely saving it to my dream kitchen file!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

House Update.....The Playroom.........

I feel like for the most part I am pretty content with the rooms in my house. That was weird for me to even write because for the last 6 years I feel like I have constantly been changing something, or redoing a room. 

But as my babies have grown, so has their toy collection! So the playroom was in need of a little fixing up!! The previous yellow rug we had in there was never my favorite and it was pretty nasty. You would have been appalled at all the goldfish and Fruit Loops I found tangled in that thing!

My original plan from day one had a yellow striped rug in the design, but I could never find one that I loved for a decent price!  Insert Rugs USA!!! Holy Moly rug heaven my friends, and for amazing prices!!!

Have you ever heard of getting a 7x9 rug for under $250.00!!! That's just crazy good!! Plus, the quality is outstanding!!

Thank you Rugs USA for helping us make our playroom a lot prettier and cleaner ;)
After I put the new rug down Carson said, "Mom I never want to move, because I love this new rug so much". Ha, I guess he thinks if we ever move, then we have to leave all of our stuff ;) The things that kid says!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

White on white

I don't think it's any big secret that I love white. As soon as I received this blouse in the mail, I knew I wanted to pair it with a white skirt I had in my closet. I also knew it was the perfect blouse to pair with my new avianna necklace

I think this outfit would look equally as nice with this blouse tucked in, but with all my Spanx gear I am having to wear right now, you could see too much going on.

I just adore the flirty sleeves on this blouse, and guess what, you can save 20% on your order with the code CAYCEE20!!

Outfit Details
Blouse // Skirt similar herehere and here 
Necklace // Tote // Shoes (on sale)

And I wonder where my kids get their wrinkly nose smile from :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This and that + a surgery update......

I hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! I know we sure did. 

We played a lot, but we also got some things checked off of our to do list. It always feel so nice to get those done. 

Today really marks the first day of summer for us! The kids are officially done with school and we have no plans. I am feeling excited and nervous all at once. I do want to get on some sort of schedule, but I really want this to be a carefree relaxing summer for me and the kids.

Last night Todd and I had our first date night of the summer. We have a sitter lined up for every week to come and I am pretty darn happy about this! Our food and drinks were incredible and for all you locals we ate at Stars. I had planned to wear my new pink dress, but changed my mind at the last minute. In case you didn't see it on Insatgram here it is!

I picked up a few new pillows and plants for the front porch. I don't know what it is, but fresh flowers make everything look prettier :) We also made some updates to the kids playroom, but I will have a full reveal later on in the week with that! 

How awesome is this maxi I found it for $65.00!! I think the beaded neckline makes this dress look so elegant and much more expensive!!

And ps if you missed my post on Sunday you must go check out this lace dress!!!

Last, I have received a few emails requesting that I continue keeping you guys updated on my surgery. To be completely honest, things look about the same. I still have some swelling and bruising at the bottom, but my scar seems to be healing up nicely. I am trying to be patient and I keep telling myself it's a 6 month healing process, but I just feel like my stomach looks pretty similar to what it looked like before the surgery. My doctor did say that he' s going to put me on Retin-A treatment for my stretch marks this fall. Again, thanks for being so supportive and I will continue to update you guys my results. I can, however, hit the gym this week. So this in itself is going to have me feeling better!!

Swimsuit similar here

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lacey Shift.........+ J.Crew 30% off

Happy Sunday love bugs!!!!

We are currently packing our bags to head to the beach for the day with friends, so I am going to make this short and sweet!!

Say hello to my new favorite dress!!! I wanted to share this with you today because this dress is so great, I fear it may sell out quick! Plus, right now it's 20% off, use code MEMORIAL20!! This bag is included in the sale too and it's just as amazing as the dress!!!

Outfit Details
Dress // Tote // Necklace // Wedge

Also, wanted to let y'all know J.Crew just announced they are offering 30% off today!!! Use code WEEKEND to save!!! This swimsuit is definitely coming home with me!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Not to be missed.......

I know there are tons of sales going on right now, and I am sure there are a few that are still to come!
But if there is one not to miss it's the Revolve sale!!!! They carry all my favorite brands, and have tons of stuff marked down including this dress below!!!!

Another favorite would be this one!

      Don't miss Old Navy either they have marked their entire store up to  50% off!!! If nothing else get this coverup!!!!!

Hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the extra long weekend!! Today we are sprucing up the yard, and Sunday we have full beach day planned with friends!!! I can't wait, plus it's so nice to have Todd home an extra day!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

5 on Friday.........

Carson had his first lemonade stand of the summer! He was so excited and ready to make some money! Poor thing only had 4 customers, so next time we've decided to move the location ;) He still had a great time with his buddies, and he even got kisses from a pretty girl!! I would say all in all he did pretty good.

I ordered this  last week, and I had to share!!! It's even prettier in person, and the colors are gorgeous!!! You ladies know I love a good maxi, especially under $80.00!!! Wait until you see the back!! And obviously I am going to need it hemmed, so tall girls get this one ;)

Carson is officially a little man. He graduated pre-school on Thursday, and I may have teared up a little! I am in total denial that he will be off to kindergarten next year. But I could not be more proud of him, he is such a smart, caring, and all around amazing kid.

Bless his heart, he was nervous to get the handshake just right. He had his hands ready and his serious face on ;)

I heart these beach pictures of Taylor! The girl loves the sand and the water, I feel so blessed that we live so close to both!

Don't miss all the great Memorial Day sales going on!! There are some really good ones!!!!

I love this dress!!!

Gap  40% off the entire store!!!
How pretty is this top?

Joe's Jeans 30% off storewide!!!
These shorts  are coming home with me!!! 
And these jeans are the best ever!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eden Pier Swim + $100 Giveaway..........

When Eden Pier contacted me one week post-surgery to review swimwear, my answer probably should have been, nah I'll pass. You know, considering I was severely swollen and had a drainage tube in place.

But luckily for me and you my pain killers and I kindly obliged! I am so glad that I said yes because I truly adore my new suit and headband!! 

Now, for the lucky you part..... one reader will win a $100.00 credit to Eden Pier!! The rest of you can save 20% off your entire order today with the code HWTH20! Not too shabby with this beach weather right? 
(Details on how to enter below).

Plus, check out the "girls" in this one piece!!!! They have these fabulous bra cup inserts that take mom boobs to the next level, needless to say I kinda love them!

* I am still pretty swollen, so no judgement on the middle area*

True story for the below picture...... the beach was pretty crowded this day. I pulled out the camera and told Todd lets snap some quick pictures before I see someone I know. I quickly turned around to walk backwards, you know, so y'all could see the suit. And bam, my leg just went out on me. I fell half way down and caught myself. Needless to say I saw people laughing, so naturally I started laughing and I couldn't stop! So yes, below is a real 'I busted it on the beach in front of a ton of people' while my husband stood in front of me with a big camera!

Now, how to win yourself one of these suits and headbands!! They are priced so well you could actually get a suit, headband, and a coverup!!!