Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on Friday........

Hello Lovies!! It's Friday and the weather is absolutely beautiful here!! I am feeling so happy and grateful today! I love it when I wake up feeling this way!
{Maybe it's the new drugs, but hey, whatever it is I am feeling happy and I like it}.

Since I missed my lust list on Thursday, I have a few finds I must share with you. So, sit down and prepare yourself for some goodness!!!

1). I am drooling, and I mean drooling over the new Lilly Pulitzer print! I really want everything in it, but this blouse is definitely a front runner. Would be so fabulous with white jeans! In for a close second and third are these two!

{ps today on Rue la la Ella Moss will be on at ll:00 and Lilly Pulitzer gifts at 3:00. Click here to shop}.

I know I talk about these two playing together a lot, but they are just so sweet together right now! Don't get me wrong they fight a ton too, but moments like these melt my heart! I hope they always love each other this much!

3). I am having a black shoe crisis and need y'alls help! No really, it would mean a lot if you just comment real quick and tell me which to choose, or which you like the best! I have a problem when it comes to making decisions!!! I know, real world problems right?!

4). We have lots of fun plans this weekend!! An adult birthday party Friday night, Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and plans to replant our garden on Sunday!!! Yay for fun plans with the family for the weekend!!!! And to get you in the Easter spirit how cute does Tay look in her outfit from last year? She is such a tiny little bean ;) 

Outfit old shoes here. Seriously, the most precious gold shoes ever!

5). Last, how gorgeous are these Easter eggs? I really, really want to make them, but who am I kidding it's Ninja Turtle eggs for the win over here ;)