Monday, March 3, 2014

True Story.......

This may have been one of the worst weekends ever! Now isn't that just the opener you were hoping to find on my blog this morning!  I am sorry, it's just a true story. 

My babies are still sick, and I mean really sick! They have had high fevers now for five days and have been up every hour of the night. That is no exaggeration. I am beyond tired. I want my babies better. The Dr. said he thinks it's the adenovirus, and it's no joke! It was just an emotional weekend. I had some personal stuff go on that really threw me for a loop, and for a minute had me questioning myself. Don't you hate that.
*A girls night tonight couldn't have come at a better time, wine and great friends make everything better right*?

Whew, glad to get that off my chest. Now let's jump into turning this week around and talk about some happy and pretty things! 

Like the fact that after 5 years of dental work I have a new porcelain front tooth!!! Just to quickly update you guys I have had the following: two surgeries, a bone graft, an implant, and two temporaries. As happy as I am to have it all complete, I would be lying if I told y'all I wasn't going to miss the heck out of my laughing gas!! That stuff is like crack-not that I would know what crack was like, but still you know what I am trying to say ;)
{I actually took this picture while high as kite and I am pretty sure the nurse thought I was crazy, because I think I snapped like 5 ha!}.

I tried to teach my mother the importance of a selfie. Yeah, I don't think she gave a shit!
Ha! Love you mama!

We spent a few minutes at my in laws farm. It's one of Carson's favorite places in the world, but poor fella starting have cold chills so we had to cut it short. It was such a beautiful day though.

* Todd got to relive his glory days for a few hours and play in his alumni baseball game. Not going lie, my man did look pretty hot is his old baseball pants.

* I came home on Sunday to a package I ordered last week from Nordstrom. They carry my favorite brand of baby products Noodle and Boo, and I was dying to try out the new 2 in 1 baby wash and shampoo!! Love it, and my sick babies now smell delicious!! It's kinda pricy, so I only order it every once in a while, but totally worth it, and it last for a good while! 

Couldn't live without the hair polish, have y'all seen what I am working with :)

* Mom and I did some online browsing and shopping while I was in town. She has me convinced I need this dress.

But I am really leaning towards this one. What are y'alls thoughts, I would love to know!
{thinking this one would be so pretty belted}.

Happy Monday Friends, hope you guys have a great one!