Thursday, March 20, 2014

Run Don't Walk Tory Burch Private sale..........

Tory Burch just announced their private sale, and it's kick ass!!!

My friend Ann just called me for some help checking out, and she just scored this boy for $299.00 normally $450.00!!! Checkout fast they are going quickly!!

Umm... how stunning are these beauties for $129.00!!!
Don't even get me started on these!!

Here a few more amazing steals!!!!!


  1. Too funny! I got the e-mail and immediately thought of you!! So many good things!!

  2. THANK YOU for this!!! I've been needing to purchase another pair of Reva's! XO

  3. Tory Burch can do no wrong...thanks for the heads up!!

  4. Yeah I also heard that this tory burch diaper bag is made of best material instead of older ordinary plastic bags.