Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clean Eating............

Before I start today's post I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all of your comments and emails yesterday. What a bunch of amazing readers I have. You girls have no idea how much your words meant to me, and I went to bed last night feeling blessed and thankful. I thank you all for that.


So I've gotta be honest it's been about three weeks since I've really stepped in the kitchen and whipped up a "real" healthy meal. But I did, however, find the most amazing online store that I feel is going to help me get back into it! It's pretty much the most amazing kitchen store around, it's called Sur La table. You may have already heard of this place, but it's new to me. I actually found it by googling white pastry board. Thanks to my friend Sara, I had to have my very own white pastry board :) {Secret, it's an amazing backdrop for photos, and I am guessing it's pretty cool for rolling out some pastries too ha}!

Along with my White marble pastry board I also picked up a few other things. Wow is all I can say!
This pairing knife is off the chain, and this foam soap pump is simply amazing!

Now moving on to some healthy, delicious meals........