Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday..........

Dear,  Friday I am so happy to see you!!!

1. Me and my little man have been at odds all week. I am pretty sure it's him not me ha! Thursday morning he had a complete meltdown! I am talking I had to drag him out the house kicking and screaming! Best part , it was all over his blanket not being put back "perfect" on his bed?!?! I mean seriously, he is 5 why does he care. I was so mad I called Todd on the way to school and told him Carson needed a spanking when he got home and we needed to call a psychologist I know Todd was thinking for him or you? Attitude and meltdowns or not I still love this little guy to death, but Lord I hope next week he is better ;) 

2. I have been brainstorming fun treats and crafts for Easter this year! I was a total mom fail for Valentines Day, and refuse to let that happen again! We're getting our craft on this year! I may even get spunky and make homemade treats for Carson's class ;)
How precious are these!!

3. I can not even get over how CUTE and CHEAP this dress is!! Those colors are simply stunning!! 

4. We have dinner plans Saturday night with a few of our close friends, and I couldn't be more excited. 
Though I have a feeling this will be my thoughts come Sunday!

5. Love, love, love this!!!
So good. So true.