Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday......... summer investment pieces

I thought it very appropriate with the 80 degree weather and huge Shopbop sale going on that we chat about some summer investment pieces. It's the perfect time to grab up your favorites before all the sizes are gone and while you can save up to 30% off!!
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I can not wait to add a few new swimsuits to my collection this summer! It always makes going to the pool and beach a little more fun in a new one ;)

Light weight dress/skirt
When it gets piping hot a light weight cotton dress is the only thing I want to live in. 
Really digging that bottom skirt that can also be a dress!!

I have officially decided after my Ray Ban  purchase, everyone must have a pair of good sunnnies for the summer.

A neutral handbag
I love nothing more than a gorgeous neural handbag. It's such a classic. Plus a great investment, and always looks pretty with fun bright summer colors! 

White denim
 I don't even think I need to explain why it's important to buy a nice pair of white jeans.
*hint, cheap ones are usually see through, and don't suck you in near as good*

* Don't forget to grab a good pair of flip flops with all your summer loot*
Thesethese, and these are all favorites of mine!!


  1. The drape racer back dress is stunning!! Such a great find. Love that first swimsuit too!

  2. That Basel one piece is gorgeous for a one piece. Now if I just looked like that in it..haha. And those shrunken aviators totally caught my eye. Im going to be on the look out for those.

  3. As usual, great round up! Love that one piece and wish I could do the dresses (This momma needs some support on top for the boobals)! But that skirt dress in beige, I die. Love that color for spring/ summer!

  4. LOVE the drape racer back dress. That is beyond beautiful!

  5. Love that basel one piece!! Ahh I'm so jealous its 80 there today- it snowed here this morning!