Monday, February 24, 2014

This and that............

Happy Monday morning!!! 

*So lets just jump right in and talk about how much fun our ski trip was. I am being dead serious when I tell you I can not remember the last time I have laughed so hard or so much! It was just what the soul needed! A trip when with my man, friends, and the beautiful views of mountains and snow. We ate (as in I a gained 5lbs), we drank, we played games, we went on a crazy fun tubing trip, and we skied our little hearts out. I ended up getting pretty darn good at the end and didn't want to get off the slopes. But it was 9:00pm and everyone was worn out. It was Todd's first time ever skiing, and y'all he was hilarious the first day. Picture poles flying and lots of busting it. Every time he would fall though he would jump right back up with a smile and be ready to take the next mountain. Mid day on the ski lift he looked at me and said this is so awesome, I love this. Ha, that's my Todd always having a good time, even when eating the snow :) By day two though he had it all figured out and was cruising down the black diamond with us all. What fun memories were made, and I cant wait to go back!!!

This may look like ordinary Mexican, but believe me when I say it was the BEST I have ever eaten. I am still dreaming about it right now!!

*When we went to pick Taylor and Carson up on Sunday I asked Carson if he missed us, he said no, "I had fun here playing with my cousins". As much as I was sad he didn't miss us, I was even more happy he had so much fun. Thanks Mimi and Papa for taking such good care of our kiddos while we were gone! Happy to have these sweet faces back.

* When we got home yesterday of course I headed straight upstairs to my computer (we had missed each other). I checked emails, a few blogs, and then browsed new arrivals. Lookie what I found......... I know you can thank me later! This may be one of my most favorites ever, and it's under $100.00!

* We are suppose to have beautiful weather for the next few days here in Charleston, and it makes me so happy! I plan to spend lots of time with my babies soaking up the sun today! With this weather I can't help but start to dream of dresses, shorts, tanks, and shoes that show off my piggies ;) It was so fun to dress Taylor in a dress and sandals last week. Love her sweet smile so much!!

* How cute are these from Target?!? They didn't have them in my store so I will be ordering them online today along with this dress. I have been really impressed so far with their little girls spring line.