Monday, February 3, 2014

Our weekend...........

Hello Monday! Oh how I wish you were really Friday. But since that's not the case let's rock this week out of the park and make it a good one!

We had a really, really laid back weekend. 

On Saturday we took both kids to get haircuts. It was Taylor's first. It was Carson's probably 10th, but you would not have known that by the way he acted. Goodness gracious y'all. He started freaking out, screaming, jerking his head and trying to get out of the chair. A little headlock action, a cut ear, and no sideburns later, the boys hair was cut. Taylor on the other hand loved it, and kept trying to get back in the chair for "more haircut". Ahh the joys of parenthood ;)

It was absolutely beautiful on Sunday. We all got up and headed to church, such a beautiful service and message. After church we picked up a quick lunch and came home so we could enjoy the outside weather.  I didn't play outside for too long though. I had plans to sneak off to go shopping and enjoy a nice massage. Todd bought me the massage last year for Valentines and it was about to expire :/  I must say the entire day was pure bliss. Thanks Todd for being so freaking awesome!
I seriously cant get enough of my new Ray-Bans! How did I live without these!! 

While on my little shopping trip I may have picked up thisthis, and this for Taylor! I may have also grabbed myself these and these. Use code TREAT to save 35% off online.
(which they did not have going on in stores)
So now I am off to order this dress.

Hope everyone has an awesome start to their week! Xoxo