Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get your piggies ready!!!

It's that time, time to scoop up your favorite sandals! If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know Nordstrom is my all time favorite store for clothing and all other things. And their shoe selection does not disappoint either! They are straight up killing it with their sandal collection this year!!! 

I am so in LOVE with my new Isola Barina Sandals. As I was browsing trying to find the perfect pair I came across these, and I knew I had to have them. I love that they are sexy, but not over the top. And duh, the neutral color will go with everything. I haven't even told y'all the best part though, they are so COMFORTABLE!! I mean that is borderline impossible with a heel this tall, but I promise you they are! Since I was getting new heels, I couldn't resist this gorgeous dress. I knew they would look smashing together. (That was totally corny, but I really just wanted to use the word smashing ;).

 My outfit details:

Now, I am pretty sure the below 5 pair need to come live in my closet!!

There are just so many good ones to choose from and we all know every girl needs a good wedge, heel, and flip flop. So below, I've hopefully made it a little easier for you!

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, but I truly love and personally picked everything myself*.


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  2. Love the entire outfit! Nothing like a good pair of neutral shoes!

  3. You look fantastic in that dress!! Absolutely SMASHING!

  4. Love the whole outfit!! Where you able to wear a regular bra with the dress?

    1. Hey Lindsay! Yeah I could I just pulled it way down in the back ;)

  5. ummm...thanks (but not really - lol) for this post! I just made those sandals mine!