Friday, February 28, 2014

5 on Friday.............

1* It has been such a crazy week this week. Coming home form a long trip and trying to get back to normal is always so hard. Taylor and Carson have been sick on top of that. Taylor is feeling much better, but my little man is just plain pitiful. The entire day yesterday all he wanted was for me to hold him, and so that is just what I did. That is not like Carson though and it's breaking my heart to see him like this. I have only made it to the gym one time this week and my ass ain't happy about it, no really my ass is looking sad ;) So no gym = me eating crazy amounts of chocolate and lots of other really bad food! Makes total sense right? Sorry for the Friday rant, it's just been a tough week ;)

2* On a happier note I made a few updates to my desk. I got a new computer for Valentines Day so it gave me a good kick in the butt to organize and re-accessorize my desk. It's now my happy place and I get excited to come up here and work :) It doesn't take much folks!
My favorite new accessory would have to be my monogrammed acrylic business card holder
Mackenzie has the most adorable online boutique, you should def. check it out here!  

3* I haven't cooked a good healthy meal all week for my family! We've had pancakes and frozen nuggets the last two nights! I know, shame on me! I just couldn't find it in me to get motivated in the kitchen. I will change that come next week, and I have my eye on this recipe

4* It rained like crazy here on Tuesday, so it was the perfect opportunity for Taylor and I to wear our matching Hunter boots  (hers here) together . They really are the most precious little rain boots ever! Plus, I think the wellies (hers here) make them look even better!

5* I struggle with this on a regular basis, and I try to remind myself of this quote every time!! It's just so hard sometimes with blogs, social media, and just being a woman in general! But, truer words were never spoken. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get your piggies ready!!!

It's that time, time to scoop up your favorite sandals! If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know Nordstrom is my all time favorite store for clothing and all other things. And their shoe selection does not disappoint either! They are straight up killing it with their sandal collection this year!!! 

I am so in LOVE with my new Isola Barina Sandals. As I was browsing trying to find the perfect pair I came across these, and I knew I had to have them. I love that they are sexy, but not over the top. And duh, the neutral color will go with everything. I haven't even told y'all the best part though, they are so COMFORTABLE!! I mean that is borderline impossible with a heel this tall, but I promise you they are! Since I was getting new heels, I couldn't resist this gorgeous dress. I knew they would look smashing together. (That was totally corny, but I really just wanted to use the word smashing ;).

 My outfit details:

Now, I am pretty sure the below 5 pair need to come live in my closet!!

There are just so many good ones to choose from and we all know every girl needs a good wedge, heel, and flip flop. So below, I've hopefully made it a little easier for you!

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, but I truly love and personally picked everything myself*.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday......... summer investment pieces

I thought it very appropriate with the 80 degree weather and huge Shopbop sale going on that we chat about some summer investment pieces. It's the perfect time to grab up your favorites before all the sizes are gone and while you can save up to 30% off!!
{Enter code BIGEVENT14 to save}

I can not wait to add a few new swimsuits to my collection this summer! It always makes going to the pool and beach a little more fun in a new one ;)

Light weight dress/skirt
When it gets piping hot a light weight cotton dress is the only thing I want to live in. 
Really digging that bottom skirt that can also be a dress!!

I have officially decided after my Ray Ban  purchase, everyone must have a pair of good sunnnies for the summer.

A neutral handbag
I love nothing more than a gorgeous neural handbag. It's such a classic. Plus a great investment, and always looks pretty with fun bright summer colors! 

White denim
 I don't even think I need to explain why it's important to buy a nice pair of white jeans.
*hint, cheap ones are usually see through, and don't suck you in near as good*

* Don't forget to grab a good pair of flip flops with all your summer loot*
Thesethese, and these are all favorites of mine!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Train Day Tuesday.........

No excuses on todays workout ladies!!! You know why, because you don't even need a gym you can do this one right at home :) 

It's called the fat burner, and it's no joke my friends!

*100 Burpees 

15,14,13,12,11,10,.............. 1 of each 

This was actually the workout my trainer sent with me last year to Disney World. I may have only done it one time, but it's legit and hard!!! I may even bust it out in the backyard with the kids today ;)

Speaking of working out, have you seen some of the new spring "gym attire". Can't wait to grab a few new pieces, nothing like some new spandex to get you motivated!!

On another note Shopbop just announced their spend more and save more event!!!
Perfect time to get your Hunter BootsRay Ban sunnies, TB flip flops, and you favorite white jeans!!!
*Enter code BIGEVENT14 at checkout*

Monday, February 24, 2014

This and that............

Happy Monday morning!!! 

*So lets just jump right in and talk about how much fun our ski trip was. I am being dead serious when I tell you I can not remember the last time I have laughed so hard or so much! It was just what the soul needed! A trip when with my man, friends, and the beautiful views of mountains and snow. We ate (as in I a gained 5lbs), we drank, we played games, we went on a crazy fun tubing trip, and we skied our little hearts out. I ended up getting pretty darn good at the end and didn't want to get off the slopes. But it was 9:00pm and everyone was worn out. It was Todd's first time ever skiing, and y'all he was hilarious the first day. Picture poles flying and lots of busting it. Every time he would fall though he would jump right back up with a smile and be ready to take the next mountain. Mid day on the ski lift he looked at me and said this is so awesome, I love this. Ha, that's my Todd always having a good time, even when eating the snow :) By day two though he had it all figured out and was cruising down the black diamond with us all. What fun memories were made, and I cant wait to go back!!!

This may look like ordinary Mexican, but believe me when I say it was the BEST I have ever eaten. I am still dreaming about it right now!!

*When we went to pick Taylor and Carson up on Sunday I asked Carson if he missed us, he said no, "I had fun here playing with my cousins". As much as I was sad he didn't miss us, I was even more happy he had so much fun. Thanks Mimi and Papa for taking such good care of our kiddos while we were gone! Happy to have these sweet faces back.

* When we got home yesterday of course I headed straight upstairs to my computer (we had missed each other). I checked emails, a few blogs, and then browsed new arrivals. Lookie what I found......... I know you can thank me later! This may be one of my most favorites ever, and it's under $100.00!

* We are suppose to have beautiful weather for the next few days here in Charleston, and it makes me so happy! I plan to spend lots of time with my babies soaking up the sun today! With this weather I can't help but start to dream of dresses, shorts, tanks, and shoes that show off my piggies ;) It was so fun to dress Taylor in a dress and sandals last week. Love her sweet smile so much!!

* How cute are these from Target?!? They didn't have them in my store so I will be ordering them online today along with this dress. I have been really impressed so far with their little girls spring line. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bateau Sweater.......

So lets go-ahead and let the cat out the bag, I am no fashion model, and me nor my husband are photographers. But this is fun, and we have fun doing it! {well, most of the time} My job is being a stay at home mom to my two precious/wild children, but on days when I don't have snot or milk all over me I like to grab beg the husband and most of the time the kids to join me in a little photo shoot :) 
{mainly in our backyard, just keeping it real}
I really enjoy seeing what other moms wear, plus I really enjoying shopping. It's so hard to be fashionable when chasing babies all day, but I am a true believer it can be done. Plus, for me it makes me feel better, playing Ninja Turtles or watching Mickey Mouse Club House in a cute outfit always makes for a better time! 

So all that to say, be on the look out for more "mom fashion" post. And I even plan to throw the kids in some pictures too ;) So do tell, do you guys enjoy these types of post?

Outfit Details:

ps *Big savings at Victoria's Secret Use code SPRING14 to save 15 off 100 30 off 150 and 75 off 250*

{This sweater is so soft and lightweight, plus it comes in tons of colors}! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I am signing off early, because Todd and I heading to Boone NC for a couples ski trip! We are dropping the kids off at my parents today, and we are off! I am so looking forward to the snow, some time with my man, and late night card games with my friends!
*This will probably be me, or Todd hehe*

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

Lets talk first about the fact this dress is absolutely beautiful, then lets chat about the fact its marked down to $47.00!!!  I seriously want it in all three colors!!
*added bonus you get free shipping and returns*
{Use code"Candy" for an additional 10% off}

Joie Iva Top
I have been stalking this top for a very long time now!! So I was pretty stoked today when I saw it finally went on sale! What a perfect transition piece for now and summer. Also loving the quarter sleeve version here too.
*I feel like Joie runs on the big side so I always order xs and still have room*

I am so in love with this mint color, it looks so stunning with a tan. Just wait until you click on it, the best part is the back.

I may have squealed a little aloud when I saw this swimsuit! Does it even get any cuter than this? Normally I would be on the fence about paying this much for a baby swimsuit, but we live at the beach and visit often, so it's a definite must have ;) Plus, last year I waited for one to go on sale and her size was all gone ;(
The patterns, the color, and this print have me swooning! Lilly Pulitzer is doing it right this year. Perfect to throw on for everyday with the kids, and could easily be dressed up for date night with a nude wedge :)

Grip Sandal
Love love love the metallic strap on these! I am also of course digging that they are neutral so they can be worn with everything! Like everything listed above :)
*plus they're on major sale right now*

O yeah, and I couldn't leave baby girl bare feet this summer, so I ordered her my favorite brand of baby shoes ever Old Soles. These shoes are normally $42.00, but they are on sale for 33.00 with 25% off that and free shipping!!
Can you tell by my wishlist that the weather is really warm here ;) Today it's suppose to be in the 80s!!!