Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Train Day Tuesday............

So, last week was healthy recipes and this week will be workouts. 
 I had this bright idea that I would get my trainer to take pictures while I did the exercise he instructed. Yeah, with making him write down the workout and be a camera man I kinda lost "my trainer". So sometimes I may have a few shots for you, but for the most part it will just be the workout I did that week. If you are not sure what something is just google it, and most likely it will show you pictures to demonstrate.


3 Rounds
10 Squats 
20 Alternating lunges
10 Jump Squats

3 Rounds
Squat Presses 
Sideways moving planks
Working Plank 
Broad Jumps

3 Rounds
   Stiff  leg dead lifts
High pulls

(squat press)

(sideways moving plank)

(Working plank)

(stiff leg dead lifts)

And last.... I can't breath look :)