Monday, January 6, 2014

Huge Lilly Sale + Pictures from our weekend

So first and foremost let's just let the cat out of the bag...........The Lilly Pulitzer sale is on! It's one of my favorite sales of year, and the only time you can get Lilly this cheap! If you are a Lilly lover like myself you know you better act fast, cause this sale aint no joke!
 Click here for answers to all of your questions about the sale.

Update y'all this sale is redic the prices are better than ever this year........ umm this maxithis dress, this skirt and this top are all coming home with me!!

Now onto pictures from our weekend. Well, I feel like that was all I did was take pictures. I am trying real hard to learn how to work my camera. With the help from my amazing friends/kick butt photographers Matt and Jenna I am feeling confident that I can do this!

So let's see......................

We stayed in our jammies most of Friday morning, and enjoyed some of the new Christmas toys.

We made S'mores on Saturday night. Well technically we roasted marshmallows and ate chocolate, same thing right. And the boys killed a big snake in the pond (a freaking water moccasin). Ugh, gives me the chills even looking at it. Carson on the other hand thought it was pretty awesome.

Then on Sunday we went to church, ate lunch with friends, and I took a nap. Oh I forgot how much I love a good nap. Todd was extra sweet and took them outside so they wouldn't make too much noise. It was pure bliss. I am embarrassed to say but I was so tired because I stayed up until 1:30 watching Parenthood. Yeah, it sucked me in. All in all it was a good, much needed laid back weekend for sure!