Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear Carson,

Yesterday when you woke up with your wild hair and squinted eyes, you looked just the same as you always have. My sweet, sensitive baby boy. But truth is you are not a baby anymore, you're not even a toddler, you are now officially a big boy. 

You have the biggest heart of any kid I know. If anyone is sad, hurt, or feeling left out, you're the kid that goes to help them and ask what's wrong, and you genuinely care. You are a worrier. If you know somethings coming up and you are not sure if you are 100% about it, you will stress. We will talk about it daily, sometimes more until the event happens. Sorry babe, you got this from me. You are cautious. If there is something that looks even a bit scary there is no way you're getting near it. In your words, "if it's fast, high, or scary I don't wont to do it". Your doctor tells me this is a sign of intelligence. I believe this is true.

You are so smart beyond your years. You know and say things that simply amaze me when they come out of your mouth. You are a pleaser. You want to do the right thing, and for it to be noticed that you did it.  I have never once in the four years of pre-school had one bad report from any of your teachers. You are so very polite and for the most part always use your manners. It's so cute that as a little big boy you already know ladies first. I sometimes have to give you a little wink but you always let the girls go first, and even hold the door for them at school. Your daddy has taught you well. We always joke whatever lady snags you up is going to be very lucky.

Your daddy is your best friend, and when asked you have no shame in admitting so. You are the happiest when you are with him. You light up in a way that makes my heart want to burst. You look up to everything he does, and when asked what you want to be when you grow up you say, "I want to  be a dad, just like my dad". I hope you turn out just like your daddy Carson, because he is such a good man.

You are an amazing big brother. You have been since the day you met your sister. You are very protective. No one messes with your baby sister, and you are always sure to let them know this.  Don't get me wrong you guys have your moments, but you are so good with her. You have more patience with her than I do (she's a feisty little thing). You try and teach her new things, and she is so eager to learn from you. Every morning when she wakes up her first words are, "where's bubba"? The sibling love you guys have is so special, and I hope it always stays this way.

Carson I am so very proud to have the privilege of being called your mama. I love you more than I ever thought possible to love anything. You are such a special child with the sweetest soul, and I hope this never changes. I love you to the moon and back precious boy.