Thursday, January 9, 2014

A day at the park...............

We have the most beautiful park in our neighborhood, and I don't take my kids nearly enough. There is so much open space for them to run and play, and they are always so happy when we are there. This past weekend Todd and I decided a park day was in order. I had plans for him to snap a few of me in my casual Sunday outfit. But then I quickly remembered how awkward I look in front of the camera. Damn you tall perfect skinny fashion bloggers.... just kidding I love y'all. But really the ootd post you get from me may sometimes always include my kids. I am just more comfortable in my mom element, and feel more secure with a baby to grab instead of a solo pose.

These pictures make me happy. I love my little family.

*Outfit details* 

(her romper is from Gap but no longer available)

(his sweater is from Zara)