Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday...............

Charleston SC had a snow day!!! Well kinda it snowed for a total of 5 minutes, and that was all she wrote. It was such a tease, but hey, the kids saw snow and they were happy! Plus daddy stayed home from work, and our neighbors had a snow party!! It was a fun day indeed!

My little guy turned 5 last Sunday!! We celebrated at Chuck-e-cheese, with every other person in Charleston SC! You guys it was bat-shit crazy! I walked in and told Todd I was feeling a full on panic attack coming, and I was dead serious! He quickly got me some Chucke white wine, and all was good. Carson had an absolute blast, and lets be real, that's all that matters. He loves Chucke so much and it was the only place he wanted his party. Insert happy birthday boy!

I pretty much had the best mail day in the world yesterday!!!!! Want to see what the really nice UPS man brought me? He's so thoughtful like that.
So you know that face cream I blogged about earlier this week...............hold the freakin phone! My face feels like it never has before. I would compare it to a babies bottom! O' yeah and with the purchase it said I would receive a free gift worth $150.00 (don't they all say that). But they were not lying, not even a little! Holy jackpot 6 full size products, which are all amazing! I highly suggest you try this moisturizer!! {the free gift with purchase is still going on too btw}.

He also brought me my first pair of Ray-Ban Avaitors!! I know,
 how was I still a virgin to the badass sunnies??! Well because they were always too big for my peanut head! Well look no further my peanut head friends because good old Bloomingdale's has three sizes, including the 55mm ones!! Ahh it's sad how happy this makes me! Prepare yourself to see me in these a lot!

I will leave you going into this beautiful weekend with one of the best quotes I have ever read!

Xoxo Happy Weekend!!