Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday...........

So today instead of my regular 5 on Friday I thought I would switch it up a bit.
I know with it being a new year we are all ready to get in the gym more. And I know we all like to look cute while getting our sweat on. Lets be honest sometimes I throw on gym clothes even when I have no intention of going to the gym. 

So here you have it, my top 5 picks for the gym ....................

Zella live in capri
I can not sing the praises of these leggings enough. I own two pair of the sought after Lululemon , and can not tell the difference at all (only in the price). If you are between sizing I say size down in these.

Yes, I wear a push up sports bra. Hey, the girls ain't what they used to be and I have no shame. When I wear tees without a built in bra, this is my go to sports bra. It's the perfect amount of padding and support. The price is on point too at $28.00.

The most flattering fitted tee you will ever find. It comes in 6 fabulous colors, and the ruching down the middle hides all tummy imperfections (throw your hands in the air c-section sistas).

80% of the time when I workout I wear a fitted tank with a built in bra. The glory of small boobs I guess ;) I love this tank so much. It has enough support I can run and jump around and not feel self conscious while doing so. Do yourself a favor and grab this tank while it's on sale.

I've been a Nike girl for the past two years, but have never been truly happy with them. The reviews on these Asics are phenomenal, so I am taking the plunge and making the switch to these. Plus the colors are pretty amazing too, and that matters ;)