Friday, January 24, 2014

5 (confessions) on Friday..............

1- I am in total denial that my baby will turn 5 on Sunday. And that next year he will be in big school. That means my little sidekick will be gone all day long! Wonder if he can sneak Tay in his backpack with him :)

2- Umm yeah, so we may have just now taken the bottle away from Taylor!!! Girl loved her "muk" as she would call it. I thought it was going to be so hard around here, I just knew my naps were gone. I am happy to report it was me, not her. She was ready. She hasn't asked for it one time. I think for me this meant the last bit of baby was gone, and it just breaks my heart. Of course daddy came home on his lunch break to make sure he was the one that gave her, her last bottle. Man she has got him so wrapped!

3- I may have bribed Carson and let him wear his Ninja Turtle costume, fed him 6 chocolate cookies, and let him watch Spongebob if he promised not to bother me for an hour. Yep, winner mom over here! Hey it worked.

4-  I may have ordered another workout top, that I have no intentions of wearing to workout in. That makes total logical sense right? It was just so pretty, and I can't help but think how cute it's going to look with my leggings while I am out "running"errands.

5-  I may or may not have started searching for summer cocktails on Pinterest the other day. Summer is by far my favorite time of year, and I am so over this cold. It's making me moody and unmotivated.  So I've decided this one is going to be the first one I mix up when the sun comes out!

PS I plan on mailing out all orders sold yesterday, Saturday morning :)