Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday...............

Charleston SC had a snow day!!! Well kinda it snowed for a total of 5 minutes, and that was all she wrote. It was such a tease, but hey, the kids saw snow and they were happy! Plus daddy stayed home from work, and our neighbors had a snow party!! It was a fun day indeed!

My little guy turned 5 last Sunday!! We celebrated at Chuck-e-cheese, with every other person in Charleston SC! You guys it was bat-shit crazy! I walked in and told Todd I was feeling a full on panic attack coming, and I was dead serious! He quickly got me some Chucke white wine, and all was good. Carson had an absolute blast, and lets be real, that's all that matters. He loves Chucke so much and it was the only place he wanted his party. Insert happy birthday boy!

I pretty much had the best mail day in the world yesterday!!!!! Want to see what the really nice UPS man brought me? He's so thoughtful like that.
So you know that face cream I blogged about earlier this week...............hold the freakin phone! My face feels like it never has before. I would compare it to a babies bottom! O' yeah and with the purchase it said I would receive a free gift worth $150.00 (don't they all say that). But they were not lying, not even a little! Holy jackpot 6 full size products, which are all amazing! I highly suggest you try this moisturizer!! {the free gift with purchase is still going on too btw}.

He also brought me my first pair of Ray-Ban Avaitors!! I know,
 how was I still a virgin to the badass sunnies??! Well because they were always too big for my peanut head! Well look no further my peanut head friends because good old Bloomingdale's has three sizes, including the 55mm ones!! Ahh it's sad how happy this makes me! Prepare yourself to see me in these a lot!

I will leave you going into this beautiful weekend with one of the best quotes I have ever read!

Xoxo Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheese and meat board.........

As promised, here is what I use on my meat and cheese board. Now don't go getting too excited, it's pretty darn basic. But it's always a crowd pleaser, and it always gets gobbled up!

Ready for the even better part, I picked it all up from Target!!! They have the best meat and cheese in my opinion and the best prices. I did have to make a quick stop at World Market for the stuffed olives and pepper jelly, and believe me when I say their pepper jelly is worth stopping for ;)

Here's a little visual shopping guide if you wanted to grab up the same exact things I did. But remember you can have fun with it and switch it up. Get creative, the board is yours!  I just chose a little variety of my favorites, and hoped everyone liked them. Luckily they did, or maybe it was all the wine I served, but the plate was clean by the end of the night!
As far as crackers go, I just picked up a large box of the Pepperidge Farm entertainment crackers and refilled as we ran out.

When I know we will have little ones over I like to have them a little board as well. I just tossed pepperoni, colby jack cheese, crackers, and grapes on their board. 

Now I am starving for meat and cheese and it's 6:00 am!!

Speaking of entertaining y'all, I am obsessed with all things gold right now! I can not get these gold cocktail glasses out of my head! Plus I am  really crushing on this gold bar set as well!! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday...............

What a perfect name for such a perfect dress! The mix of colors in this dress play down all of the chevron, and make it a showstopper. It's a summer must and under $100.00.

L'Occtine divine cream
I have never in my 29 years of living spent this much money on a beauty product. But my skin isn't getting any younger, and this year I have noticed a huge difference in the way it looks and feels (not in a good way). After some research and recommendations from friends this jar is on its way to my house (it better make me look like a teenager).

I love a small pendant necklace. I think they look great alone or paired with a layering necklace. The pink is just perfection, but the black and green are lovely too.
kate spade new york 'secret garden' mixed stone mini pendant necklace

Embellished shift dress
I feel like I am all over the place today with a mix of summer and winter. I mean we are getting snow tomorrow and then we will be back in the mid 70's by the weekend. I just couldn't help but fall head over heels for this dress. I mean that neckline is amazaballs!!

Girls quilted peacoat
How adorable is this little quilted peacoat? Taylor needs this jacket! Right now at J.Crew
you can save an 40% off  all sale with code *byewinter*. It also comes in a pretty purple and light gray. 

Girls' quilted peacoat
Vintage sweatshirt
Speaking of J.Crew how pretty is this sweatshirt. I actually saw it in the store last week, but it wasn't on sale. Now it's $59.50 with 40% off that, it's a real steal! I love a comfy sweatshirt that is still pretty :)

North Face vest  
I love the look of a vest. It can totally make a lounge outfit look chic, or be paired with jeans and boots for a little more dressy effect. This blue is absolutely stunning. This one is 25% off right now too, which is rare for North Face. 

Gap ruffle sleeve dress 
I die. My mom just ordered this dress for Taylor, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Do yourself a favor and go checkout all the pretty new arrivals for baby and toddler girl! You will be shocked at the cuteness, I promise!
And right now save 40% off all new arrivals and extra 50% off sale styles with code MORE


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Train day Tuesday......

Happy Tuesday ladies!!! So our school is cancelled today for freezing ice and tomorrow for SNOW! Not going to lie when my girl Natalie sent me a text and told me school was cancelled both days my first words were....fu**. Really that was my only word.  But this morning I am feeling really excited!! My babies get to see snow!! Carson has been asking begging for it to snow for two years now. Plus we are having a snow party at one of my neighbors complete with husbands and champagne, amazing right!?!

So if you are stuck inside like myself and feeling like your body needs a little working out do the first  section X3. Your sore body will thank me later ;)

Full Body Workout

Do the below for 1 minute each
Jumping Jacks
Punches (with 5lb weights)

Cable seated rows x4 sets 70lbs

12 reps x3 sets
Low back ext. 
TRX "Y's"

Kettlebell high pulls x3 sets with 40lb kettlebell

PS Nordstrom just marked down this Zella hoodie! Great for this cold butt weather!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Hour at Home.........

I know a bunch of you asked about my cheese/ meat board I posted a few weeks back, and I promise a post on that soon! So, I thought y'all may be interested in the Happy hour at home from One Kings Lane today. I mean cheese and meat boards galore, and at amazing prices too! Their glass selection is pretty too, loving these monogrammed glasses! 

Dear Carson,

Yesterday when you woke up with your wild hair and squinted eyes, you looked just the same as you always have. My sweet, sensitive baby boy. But truth is you are not a baby anymore, you're not even a toddler, you are now officially a big boy. 

You have the biggest heart of any kid I know. If anyone is sad, hurt, or feeling left out, you're the kid that goes to help them and ask what's wrong, and you genuinely care. You are a worrier. If you know somethings coming up and you are not sure if you are 100% about it, you will stress. We will talk about it daily, sometimes more until the event happens. Sorry babe, you got this from me. You are cautious. If there is something that looks even a bit scary there is no way you're getting near it. In your words, "if it's fast, high, or scary I don't wont to do it". Your doctor tells me this is a sign of intelligence. I believe this is true.

You are so smart beyond your years. You know and say things that simply amaze me when they come out of your mouth. You are a pleaser. You want to do the right thing, and for it to be noticed that you did it.  I have never once in the four years of pre-school had one bad report from any of your teachers. You are so very polite and for the most part always use your manners. It's so cute that as a little big boy you already know ladies first. I sometimes have to give you a little wink but you always let the girls go first, and even hold the door for them at school. Your daddy has taught you well. We always joke whatever lady snags you up is going to be very lucky.

Your daddy is your best friend, and when asked you have no shame in admitting so. You are the happiest when you are with him. You light up in a way that makes my heart want to burst. You look up to everything he does, and when asked what you want to be when you grow up you say, "I want to  be a dad, just like my dad". I hope you turn out just like your daddy Carson, because he is such a good man.

You are an amazing big brother. You have been since the day you met your sister. You are very protective. No one messes with your baby sister, and you are always sure to let them know this.  Don't get me wrong you guys have your moments, but you are so good with her. You have more patience with her than I do (she's a feisty little thing). You try and teach her new things, and she is so eager to learn from you. Every morning when she wakes up her first words are, "where's bubba"? The sibling love you guys have is so special, and I hope it always stays this way.

Carson I am so very proud to have the privilege of being called your mama. I love you more than I ever thought possible to love anything. You are such a special child with the sweetest soul, and I hope this never changes. I love you to the moon and back precious boy.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some good stuff..............

Serena & Lily is having their year end sale with 70% off. I adore every single item I have ever purchased from them. Their quality is outstanding, so with prices this low you better jump on it!

My favorite things include the Kids pajamasgold bottom glasses, and these perfect travel cases.

Here are so other pretty cool things too.

PS their fabric is marked down from $80.00-$40.00 to $19.99 a yard. So if you need fabric now is the time to get it!

Friday, January 24, 2014

5 (confessions) on Friday..............

1- I am in total denial that my baby will turn 5 on Sunday. And that next year he will be in big school. That means my little sidekick will be gone all day long! Wonder if he can sneak Tay in his backpack with him :)

2- Umm yeah, so we may have just now taken the bottle away from Taylor!!! Girl loved her "muk" as she would call it. I thought it was going to be so hard around here, I just knew my naps were gone. I am happy to report it was me, not her. She was ready. She hasn't asked for it one time. I think for me this meant the last bit of baby was gone, and it just breaks my heart. Of course daddy came home on his lunch break to make sure he was the one that gave her, her last bottle. Man she has got him so wrapped!

3- I may have bribed Carson and let him wear his Ninja Turtle costume, fed him 6 chocolate cookies, and let him watch Spongebob if he promised not to bother me for an hour. Yep, winner mom over here! Hey it worked.

4-  I may have ordered another workout top, that I have no intentions of wearing to workout in. That makes total logical sense right? It was just so pretty, and I can't help but think how cute it's going to look with my leggings while I am out "running"errands.

5-  I may or may not have started searching for summer cocktails on Pinterest the other day. Summer is by far my favorite time of year, and I am so over this cold. It's making me moody and unmotivated.  So I've decided this one is going to be the first one I mix up when the sun comes out!

PS I plan on mailing out all orders sold yesterday, Saturday morning :)