Thursday, December 19, 2013

What you wearing?

So have y'all decided where you are going or what you're wearing this NYE? We are not 100% yet, but I know I am wearing something with some sparkle ;)   

Here are some front runners that I am loving!
In true Caycee fashion most of them are on sale ;) 
 Also worth the mention I snagged this dress for a Christmas party we have on Saturday! Bebe has really stepped it up. Don't get me wrong most of it is still flashy trashy, but their are a few gems in the mix. Also worth the mention the models must be real tall because my green dress is a lot longer on me ;)
{all sale items at Bebe are an additional 40% off}.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Being preggers on NYE kind of depresses me! We don't have any party or anything planned, but knowing my tired self, we may just stay at home this year...I don't even want to make myself cry trying to find something to wear! LOL. Whaa Whaa. {I'm such a crybaby, right?}