Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday............

1- Santa Clause is coming early to our house this year!! (He actually does every year since we travel on Christmas). I am so excited as my parents are coming to town, and they will get to see the kids as they wake up to see what Santa has brought them! I am a little extra giddy this year because Carson is so excited and really "gets it"! 
*Taylor on the other hand looks a little less than thrilled about Santa*

2- My maxi obsession is back on a roll! I am finding some of the most stunning ones ever, this one's no exception.

It totally reminds me of my favorite dress ever! But I really love the neck of this one even better. If you think you want it, you better grab it now, because mine sold out super fast last year!

3- This Christmas tree. I am officially obsessed! If my entire house was covered in pink, I would be quite all right with that. 
(my husband not so much)

4- These cookies- umm... yes please! They look crazy easy and crazy delicious! Plus I know my kids would love to help make (and eat) them.

5- Keeping it in the Christmas spirit and with my love for the Grinch. This quote is one of my all time favorites.