Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday............

1- Santa Clause is coming early to our house this year!! (He actually does every year since we travel on Christmas). I am so excited as my parents are coming to town, and they will get to see the kids as they wake up to see what Santa has brought them! I am a little extra giddy this year because Carson is so excited and really "gets it"! 
*Taylor on the other hand looks a little less than thrilled about Santa*

2- My maxi obsession is back on a roll! I am finding some of the most stunning ones ever, this one's no exception.

It totally reminds me of my favorite dress ever! But I really love the neck of this one even better. If you think you want it, you better grab it now, because mine sold out super fast last year!

3- This Christmas tree. I am officially obsessed! If my entire house was covered in pink, I would be quite all right with that. 
(my husband not so much)

4- These cookies- umm... yes please! They look crazy easy and crazy delicious! Plus I know my kids would love to help make (and eat) them.

5- Keeping it in the Christmas spirit and with my love for the Grinch. This quote is one of my all time favorites.


  1. That Santa picture is so cute! Taylor makes the cutest expressions! I would also like to convince my husband that an all pink Christmas is totally ok ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm convinced I need to go pink and gold for my Christmas decor since my living room is pink and yellow would just make it easier!

  3. Oreo peppermint crunch cookies -- oh my word. Come to mama!

    Thank you so much, Caycee, for linking up with us today!

  4. You and those gorgeous maxi dresses!!! I'm pretty sure I obsessed over the one you posted last week or so! Gorgeooooouuuuus! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and holiday!

  5. I love the candles in the fireplace on that tree picture and that maxi dress…perfect for spring!!!

  6. I am so jealous you look so fab in a maxi dress. They always kinda look wacky on me cause I'm so short. haha. that pink tree is darling. I love pink! You should totally get some pink ornaments for next year cause they'd blend in so well with all your pretty silver and gold tree ornaments you have currently!

  7. ps the post below where she is sitting on his lap in the car and giving him kisses=adorable. Can't stand how cute that is!