Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 things...........

1- What a weekend we had! It was so much fun, but I had no doubt it would be. Everything was just beautiful, and we saw faces we haven't seen in forever. Just as promised we laughed, ate, drank, and danced the night away! #bestweddingever

My dress- in black they don't have the pink online. But I must say I do love the black just as much

Big thanks to Mimi and Papa for watching our little monkeys while we were away! How cute are these cookies they made?

2- I may have witnessed the sweetest/funniest moment between my kids yesterday. Poor Carson was so tired from the long weekend and all the traveling that he passed out on the way home. So of course we used this to our advantage and unpacked the car while he slept. Taylor was wide awake and wanted to stay in the car with Carson, so she could finish her Barney show. So we unbuckled her and shut her in there with him, thinking she would definitely wake him up. A few minutes later Todd called me to come check out the situation. Little man was out like a light, and Taylor was just making herself at home in his lap :)

Then she decided to wake him with a kiss.

3- I can not believe Christmas is right around the corner!! I would be lying if I told you guys I was all done shopping. Why do I always do this to myself!!! But at least the tree is up and the stockings are hung ;) I do plan to take a little break this week....wrap presents, listen to Christmas music, sip on hot coco, and snuggle by the fire with my babies. I love this time of year so much and it's going to be such an exciting Christmas for Carson!!

Okay maybe 4. Shopbop is having an extra 20% off  all sale items with the code EXTRAOFF20.
This Alice and Olivia bow back dress is just perfection!


  1. Those two kiddies are so adorable!! Love the pictures of all of you hanging ornaments on the tree. So special.

  2. your kids are so sweet! love the pictures of Taylor sitting on Carson's lap!!

  3. Ahh that picture of her kissing him!!! Soooo sweet! Love it!

    Xo, J

  4. OMG your kids are too sweet :-) Love all the holiday togetherness in this post!


  5. My younger cousin and I made the same cookies this weekend. They taste as good as they look!

  6. how did you attach the dvd players to the seats? we are leaving on a road trip and I'd like to do that!

  7. omg those photos of your babies!!!!! she is absolutely mischievously adorable! Best thing about having more than one baby is seeing their bond evolve . . . it is one of my favorite things to watch between my girls . . .of course they also fight like crazy lol!!!