Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You don't won't to miss this..............

Yeah it's a good one :) It's the Bloomingdale's  friends and family! Use the code BFAM to save 20% off your order! I have picked out so many great things for my Whishlist Wednesday, but had to share a few with you today.
(I was scared all the good sizes might get gone with a few of these great deals). 

So here you go! Happy Shopping!
Now is the time to grab those Hunter  rain boots if you missed them last time. I love mine so much! They have all 9 colors available and remember to size down one size ;)

This baby was originally $278.00 and it's now 115.00 with tax! Just added her to my cart. If you want 
this dress act fast, because Lilly hardly ever drops her dresses this low!

I have been lusting all season for a pair of black denim. These are cropped and high waisted so with 20% off  I couldn't say no!

These look almost identical to the Rag and Bone booties. But you can snag these right now for $134.00 a total steal! 

These may just be the prettiest Revas yet! I love, love, love the color!!


  1. Such lovely picks! Thank you for sharing the beauty!



  2. Beautiful choices!

  3. I so want those jeans and those Revas! Damn budgets are the worst!! Great picks!

  4. Love those booties! All these sales are killer!

  5. Lilly lover here too! And I just got those exact Vince Camuto booties in the mail yesterday! Love love love them!