Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday's Wishlist............

I am 100% in love with this sweater. I mean how lovely is it? Plus it comes in four beautiful colors. Umm, and let's not pretend it doesn't look like a designer sweater. Pretty sure I just spotted an Equipment sweater that looked almost identical, well except the price tag ;)

Who wouldn't love to get these as a Christmas gift. I mean they are totally appropriate, yet sexy at the same time. They come in 7 fabulous colors, and I kinda want them all!

Can we first talk about the fact I still don't have a faux moto jacket, or a real one for that matter. This will not be the case after today. I bet you will have one too after you see how stunning and budget friendly the one I am about to show you is! And the reviews are pretty top notch too!

I get excited just thinking about this candle. I mean if you have never smelled this scent you are missing out big time. It smells exactly, and I mean exactly, like a real Christmas tree. I almost died when I saw the new all gold holder this year( that's the one I ordered)! Don't forget to use the code ShopRunner for two day shipping.

Hello most beautiful necklace I've ever laid eyes upon!! I mean can you even imagine all the things this necklace would go with, not to mention it's a total showstopper! Holiday parties here I come with some kick ass neck candy!!