Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On my mind.........

My heart aches so much for my sweet neighbor/friend. They just found out their sweet little boy's cancer is back. I can not even imagine the pain. I tear up every time I even think about it. They need our prayers so bad, so please pray for this special family.
We know you can beat this Mighty Mack.

We had a wonderful, busy weekend. We attended the most beautiful wedding. The view at the reception was breathtaking. As usual I had way too much fun, and I am playing catch up to get my energy back.

Way too much fun!

I am dying over these baby Uggs my mom just ordered Taylor for Christmas! I mean really why don't they make these in my size? 

I am struggling as far as the gym goes these days. You know when you're just "not feeling it". That is where I am right now. Ugh I have to change mindset on this stat! It always helps to get new workout clothes right? I've heard rave reviews on these pants, and I am dying to try them. Plus I am really digging the gray color and the mesh inserts. Totally reminds me of my lululemon ones!

And last because this is too funny and so too true!