Monday, November 4, 2013

The Fair and other happenings........

Happy Morning morning doll faces! Well my face looks far from a dolls right now cause it's 5:30am, and well, it's 5:30 am enough said right! 

*The Fair*
I told Todd to make sure he reminded me next year to dig up some of my old meds and pop atleast 3 Zoloft on the car ride there. Haha! No really that place gives me anxiety. But the kids Carson loves it, so that makes it all worth it. Plus, the people watching is hands down at its finest. And......... I really dig the fair food, I know gross, but yet so good!  
So here ya go.....our 2013 Fair Trip :
(check out Carson's little scared face on that ride with me. he loved it, but he always gets nervous right before any ride starts). 

This weekend we also had a fun laid back Saturday night at our neighbors. If we ever move, which we have no plans to, Todd and I have decided all of our neighbors have to come with us! Love them all so much. The boys watched the game, and cooked a low country boil. Us girls drank wine, and talked nonstop. And the kiddos played upstairs, Carson was the only boy and secretly I think he likes getting bossed around by the girls ;) Man he's going to make one heck of a husband one day!

Okay off to shower and get ready for the morning! I have a day packed full. Gotta pick up my car, grocery shop , and hopefully hit the gym. O yeah and tonight we have plans with some friends to go to the The Alley!! So stinking excited to finally be going here! Bowling, good friends, and cocktails all in one place seriously makes me happy. Now in a perfect world let's pretend today is Saturday ;)