Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Cards by Tiny Prints..........

Ya'll can you even believe Christmas is in less than 7 weeks!?! Stop it right now, someone give me a Xanax! 

Even though I have not done any, and I mean any Christmas shopping, I am ahead of the game in one department. That's right my Christmas cards are not only picked out and ordered they are in a huge box sitting right in front of me! Bam! Now the true test, getting them addressed, stamped, and sent out.

There was no question where I would be ordering mine from, duh Tiny Prints of course! I have purchased our cards from Tiny Prints  for the past 6 years, and they never disappoint. I actually think they get a little better every year. Have you checked them out this year? Well if not you should, they are stinking precious!
Don't miss the awesome special they have going on right now either!

Here a few of my favorites............... and ours might just be included in this round up ;)

And just for fun here are our past Tiny Prints cards.