Monday, November 11, 2013

A day on the farm + baby Ella.............

Happy Monday you guys! Did y'all have a fun weekend? I know we did! Saturday 
was so much fun seeing all my old girls, and celebrating the pending arrival of the new addition to our crew. Everything was beautiful, and miss Ella will now be one well dressed baby girl.

On Saturday night Todd and I went out to meet some of his friends and watch a band play. Carson and Taylor stayed at Mimi and Papas and we stayed at the cabin. The cabin is less than a mile from my inlaws house. But it's so beautiful and peaceful as it sits in the middle of their huge farm.

My dress similar here

I may have had a slight headache when we woke up on Sunday, but this view when I stepped out of the cabin def. helped.

It was the most beautiful day on the farm. We bundled up the kids and headed down to see the animals. I felt a few moments of peace yesterday like I haven't felt in a long time. There is something so relaxing about the quiet peacefulness of a farm and the simple things in life. Also watching my husband with our babies in a place he grew up and loves so much was heart melting. With the crazy pace of life I sometimes forget the sweet country turned city boy I fell in love with :)