Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

1. We are having a few friends over to our house for dinner tonight. Is it weird that I already have the table set? Do yo guys ever do that? I just don't like to be overwhelmed, and I am cooking, so that in itself is going to have me busy. And let's just be honest, I am very type A and like to have it all planned out. I am cooking Mexican, and plan on making these for an appetizer. 

2. This beautiful article  that all mothers (including soon to be moms) should read. It left me in tears and my heart feeling so full. It' so true how your life changes when you become a mother.
I love these two more than I could ever imagine.

3. Speaking of those two, I walked in on this the other morning. Luckily I always have my phone in hand, and I was able to snap this picture. Carson has been trying really hard to "play" and "teach" as he would say Taylor new things. It was really one of those moments that made my heart smile, and made me think, I must be doing something right. Or maybe I just got really lucky ;)

4) I found this blouse right after my Wednesday Wishlist post, or it would have definitely been included.
I mean how cool is the back, and I really adore that zipper on the front. Hello $38.00 well spent!