Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday..........

I am in desperate need of a new coat this year. I absolutely adore this one, and the little ruffles at the waist are just too perfect! It comes in solid black too, which I think might prefer.

How soft and cozy does the peplum top look? How about the fact that it's only $30.00. Yep, this is a must, and I think it will pair perfect with my new jeans!!

Gap striped dress
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I just love the gray and navy, and the fact this dress comes in petite. I think it would look so cute with booties, or flats. Gap has really stepped it up this year!

Velvet cheetah pillow
I have no idea where I would put this, but I really want one, or maybe two? You can never go wrong with a little cheetah right?

Boys dog sweater
It doesn't get much cuter than this. Buying for boys especially at this age is so frappin hard, so I was pretty excited when I spotted this adorable dog sweater. Cant wait to see my little man in his jeans rocking this sweater.


  1. Ack... The tee link takes me to boots my fat calves would never in a million years fit in. Such a cute top, but where did ya find it? Muchos gracias!. :).

  2. That's exactly right about the cheetah print. Cheetah/leopard is my favorite NEUTRAL! ;)

    also - obsessed with that tshirt. so. stinkin. CUTE!


  3. Tucker and Tate is one of my favorite brands for my boys! Their stuff is sooo soft. I love that sweater.
    And I'm so excited you loved the new jeans! I can't wait to try them!