Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Think happy......be happy

 You know the saying when it rains it pours. (Literally too, yesterday was a freaking monsoon around here).  I was trying really hard to start off my day in a good mood, I've been in a little funk so I really needed/wanted things to go smoothly. Plus it was cleaning lady day, and that is always a good start. Well, most of the time..... I shit you not, the freaking dryer broke as soon as she started the first load of clothes!!!!! I know you're probably thinking grow up, worse things happen.  Maybe it's a sign my lazy ass needs to do my own laundry! This I know, but it still put me in a really bad mood. Ugh, Todd swears I brought this on with the negative attitude I've had lately! He then proceeded to tell me, keep thinking all these negative thoughts and the fridge is going to break, then the alligator in the back yard is going to eat through our fence and we will have to replace all that too. Haha can you tell he believes your thoughts effect the things that happen to you :)  What's your thought on this subject? Do you think your thoughts and actions affect the things that happen to you and the happiness of your day? Or do you believe that life just sometimes throws you lemons even if you were thinking about fluffy clouds and rainbows. I think I feel like it's a little bit of both, but definitely believe the quote below 100%.

Either way starting today I am going to try real hard to be positive, happy and in a good mood. Cause let's be real life is pretty darn good. Plus judging by our last family picture my "bad mood" is rubbing off on Carson ;)
(no really, he had just found a baby frog and we made him put it down to snap this photo).

PS Oh yeah and to add to my stinky day I realized I totally messed y'all up too...the dang Bloomingdale's sale ended Sunday night, so you couldn't save your 20% yesterday :( I am so sorry about that, and will be on my A game next sale!!!!