Monday, October 14, 2013

Our weekend............

On Friday morning my mom came up for a quick little visit. We dropped the kids off at school and headed downtown for a little shopping and lunch. 

My mom drives me crazy, and we are so different. But Lordy I love her, and so do my babies ;)

We did lunch up right ;)

Todd was so nice, and as soon as he got home from work he took over the kids. So mom and I headed out for a little more shopping and dinner. We had a great time, and scored lot's of goodies.

On Saturday Todd headed out at 5am to Columbia to participate in a Mud Run with my brother. So mom and I were solo with the babies. We decided to take them downtown to Magnifilous! Carson said he needed to work on his Christmas list :) and Mimi wanted to grab a few things for all the grand-babies. It really is such a neat toy store!

On Sunday we had no real plans so we decided to take the kids to the battery and let them run a round and play and we would enjoy the weather and the view. How could that not be fun right? Well............... all was good about the first 20 minutes and the kids were having a blast chasing squirrel's and petting all the friendly dogs. Then I had a phone call come in.(an important one, where I needed to hear what was being said). At the same time that this happened the kids decided they were both hungry and thirsty. (The drinks were in the car, as we had planned to go have lunch up the street). Long story short, Carson comes crying to me asking me where his drink his is, while Todd obliviously walks to the car with Taylor. I couldn't yell for him to get Carson(obviously I was on the phone) so I started kicking my shoe for him to come get Carson. He looks over at me and does nothing, just gives me this goofy look. So I proceed to run/walk fast away from Carson so I could hear what was being said, this makes Carson more upset and he begins to chase me, and cry even louder. (I hope you are all getting a good picture of this). I finally hang up the phone only hearing half of my important call, and I was so pissed. I immediately start yelling at Todd in front of everyone at the park asking why he didn't get Carson. He is waving at everyone and saying "hi, I am sorry, my wife is crazy." (I kid you not, that really happened). I finally calm down and we make it in the car. Todd then tells me when I saw you kicking your shoes at me, I thought you tripped on something and were trying to get your shoe back on. Really!? Then I asked, "well what about when I started running"? he replies, "O I thought you must have forgotten something and you were rushing back to get it". I swear y'all we could have our own comedy show.  

Now here are some pictures of the enjoyable first 20 minutes.

I love my crazy little family! 

So how was your weekend?