Friday, October 18, 2013

5 on Friday..........

1) Having a weekend full of very fun plans and sitters ;) We are having dinner Friday night with 5 of my favorite couples! I can not wait!! We are eating at Xiao Bao Biscuit, if you are local you must try this place, it's insane good!

2) On Saturday, celebrating the precious baby girl inside of this gorgeous bump. Can't wait to hold and kiss this baby!!! And how great does my girl look 9 months preggo?

3) On Sunday we are heading to the Southern ground food and music festival with some great friends! Goodness help me come Monday morning cause it's an all day event. It should be a blast, so the hangover will be worth it! Plus I just found out we will be taking a party bus, so I hope y'all don't expect a Monday morning post ;)

All these amazing little tots that I have had the pleasure of watching grow over the years. Nothing compares to the friendship I have with these mamas and the love I have for each of their babes.

Just for laughs I had to show you this one first. Please take note of all their faces, and silly Taylor peeking over the jump-castle.

 And them last year........time slow down please.

This bedroom. It just screams calm and peace to me! Love everything about it.
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