Thursday, September 12, 2013

Girl Crush........

Don't lie, you know you have one. Or if you're like me you probably have more than one ;)

In the rare chance you didn't already know these drop dead gorgeous ladies, I thought I would share. I mean they all have killer style, amazing hair, and always look flawless.

Ahh, maybe one day..... Shit, who I am kidding I could never imagine spending that much time fixing my hair and my face. All to just have it melted off after chasing babies all day. I would much rather just stare at these girls, way less work for me! 

(note: I have "real" girl crushes too on non model girls. You know those girls who light you up just being around them, who build you up and make you a better person, who make you laugh, who you couldn't imagine your life without? Yeah I have lot's of girl crushes ;). 

{Dear husband I hope all this girl crush talk didn't freak you out. Don't worry I am not trading you in for a blonde bombshell, I still have a big ol' crush on you too}

So tell me who's your girl crush?