Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday.............

1) My babies started school this week. It's been good, real good. We were all ready for a little structure. They both love it, and we have been tear free at drop off! 

2) Going back to the gym! This summer was such a struggle for me to make it. I pretty much only went twice a week to train. Now that Taylor and Carson are in school every morning I can really focus on working out again. To get me more motivated I ordered these . It always makes running more fun with new kicks right? 
3) Having a babysitter lined up for Saturday night! I am not exactly sure what our plans are yet, but I know we have childcare!! I am sure we will go somewhere to watch the game and partake in some cocktails ;) I am really craving a Jalapeno Margarita!!

4) These healthy cute Halloween treats! Carson is all about Halloween this year, and I am thinking these could help me to get him to eat some fruit :)