Monday, September 30, 2013

Our weekend plus a winner .............

My house is really quiet on this beautiful Sunday as I type this. Taylor is napping and the boys are out grocery shopping.(I am still not sure how I talked them into that). Lord only knows what we'll be eating this week :) 

Now back to our lazy laid back weekend. Which really, in my opinion, are the best.

Friday, daddy came home from work a little early so we decided to take Rocky to the dog park. Which is in our neighborhood btw, and sadly we haven't taken Rocky in two years!! It was time, and Rocky was one happy, tail wagging, pissing everywhere dog ;) After that Carson and I went and picked up the janggle (Bojangles) and we called it a night.

Saturday we finally made it downtown to the Charleston farmers market. We have been saying for a while now how we needed to get up early and go. I am so glad we did because the weather was perfect and the kids had a great time. I wanted so badly to get some fresh vegetables and fruit. But sadly didn't get a thing. My hands were full with a baby in one arm, and popcorn that Carson had to have (but didn't eat) in the other. So no vegetables and fruits for mama which = no home cooked meals this week ha! Plus, with the boys grocery shopping, who wants to bet we'll be eating lots of frozen pizza and cookies? The first place at the farmers market we had to hit up was of course the jump castles!
 (yes I asked the random 15 year old boy working to please take a family picture for me ;) Hey we were all dressed, and I had on makeup at 9am. Had to be documented)!

Then Taylor spotted the pony's and would not stop saying ride, ride! So we gave in and did that too. Basically, we went to the farmers market, jumped on castles and rode the pony's. I joked with Todd that we should get a sitter next Saturday and actually come enjoy the market part ;) Carson overheard me and thought that was a terrible idea.

On Saturday we were invited to a Hotel Transylvania party for our sweet neighbors 5th birthday party. I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures. It was the cutest thing ever, she had the most adorable spooky food and the backyard was all set up like the movies with Hotel Transylvania playing on the projector. This was the only picture I snapped and it's kind of hard to see but it's all the kids watching the movie.

On Sunday
(which is right now, I am writing early so we can watch all of our shows tonight)
We did a whole bunch of nothing!!! I didn't even put on makeup, and I am currently still in sweats. We did however spend the morning outside enjoying this weather, and plan to grill out on the deck tonight!

All in all it was another wonderful weekend! Love my little family!
And the winner for the Little English giveaway is..............
A.W. she said, "Love your blog and style. I am a new follower technically but have been reading your blog for weeks. Would love to win the Little English contest".
Congrats girl... I will be emailing you later today!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday...........

1) This sweet post my friend wrote on her mother and the walk to end Alzheimer's. Please click over and read it, such a touching story.It brought me to tears and made me want to go hug my mama.

2) Really trying to find the time to soak in my babies. I say baby loosely as Carson is almost 5!! They grow so fast and I want to make sure I am not missing it. It can be so hard with everything us mamas have going on, plus throw in all the social media and there is hardly any time left in the day. I have to remind myself almost daily am I going to look back and remember that hour I was on the computer, or am I going to remember the happiness my babies shared that time we were at the park? 
(Or maybe Tay is pissed, I cant really tell, either way I want to remember these little things)!

3) Pixie Lilly's new fall line. I am so excited it's getting cool enough that Taylor can finally wear her sweet flannel dress. Such classic pieces to keep forever.

4) This peacoat.......the word on the street is pink jackets are in this year!!! Do I even need to tell y'all how happy this makes me? I really really want this one, and it just went on sale. What are your thoughts on the pink jacket trend?

We are finally in town this weekend, so I am planning on making these amazing pumpkin cookies!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little English Giveaway...........

 I am super duper excited to share with you guys my giveaway today!! Little English has the most precious, well made, timeless children's clothes ever. It's by far my favorite brand to dress my babies in. They offer a little bit of everything from traditional smocking, applique rompers, and classic solids. I absolutely adore every piece in this years fall collection.

Little English was sweet enough to let me pick out a few of my favorite pieces for Carson and Taylor. I mean how cute are those elephants? 
(all pictures taken by me, with the help of daddy)

So who wants to win a $75.00 gift-card to dress their babies up in this cuteness? 
(And because Little English is so sweet and since there can only be one winner you can use the code HWTH15  to save 15% off everything until October 13th)!!

To Enter: I am making it easy peasy......
1) You must be a follower of Hanging with the Hewitts
(If you already are just leave a comment saying so)
2) You must Like Little English on Facebook
For two extra entries:
3)  Follow Hanging with the Hewitts on Instagram
4) Follow Little English on  Instagram
(please leave a separate comment for each entry)

You have until Sunday September 29 to enter. Winner will be announced on Monday! Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday............

(Pre-note) Thank y'all for the well wishes, I am still not 100% but I am surviving. Baby girl on the other hand has green snot coming out of her nose...ahh does it ever end?!?

Now onto prettier things like my wishlist on this beautiful Wednesday ;)

Words can not express how much I truly love this candle. I burnt my one last year down to the very end of the wick, so it's definitely time to replace it! It smells just like fall, and it makes me so happy when it's burning.
  (Tell me I am not the only freak who loves a candle this much)?

Confession I am only 5'2 so I have really high hopes for these jeans being the perfect skinny jean on me. You know, so I don't have to roll them up, unless I truly wanted to make them a cropped jean. Judging by the measurements these may just do the trick ;)
(short girl problems)

How adorable are these snakeskin flats? I am telling you the animal is back this season, and for $59.95 I am thinking I need to make these mine!
(how awesome is that gold plaque detail)?

You ladies know by now I am pretty traditional in the way I dress my babies. But some days I like to throw a pair of skinny jeans on Tay. How perfect is this little tee, and how cute would it look with skinny jeans and mini flats! 
(I just cant get it out of my head...think it's a sign ;) 

This could be the sweater that makes me jump on the peplum bandwagon. The color, the fit, and ahh the back. That back is pure perfection!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Favorite Fall dresses.......

In case you didn't already know, I love a dress. It is by far my favorite thing to wear, even in the fall and winter. I am really digging the bootie and dress look this year. Plus you can never go wrong with leggings and tall boots.  Yeah I have a feeling besides jeans and flats you will find me living in dresses this season.

Here are my current favorites..........

Monday, September 23, 2013

Under the weather..........

Poor Todd got sick on his birthday while we were out to dinner. He's been laid up ever since :( Mama duty by yourself on the weekends sucks! Now I woke up this morning feeling icky and having to run to the toilet every 5 minutes!  The stomach bug really pisses me off!! Please say a prayer we all feel better soon! Thanks a bunch!

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday...............

1) The fact that it is starting to feel like fall here in SC! Well kind of, we had a little tease one day this week. I jumped at the chance to throw on my favorite TB Caroline flats, and a pair of jeans!!
(so much more comfy than the Revas).

2) The funny things that have been coming out of Carson's mouth lately. This one takes the cake for the one that made me laugh the hardest. So we have this mean cat that always sits on our porch (I hope my neighbors aren't reading this ha)! Anytime Carson has tried to pet him, he bites and hisses at him. Poor Carson gets so upset because he loves animals so much. Well yesterday morning on the way to school he says, "bye bad cat, I sure hope you go to see Jesus soon". Ya'll I about peed my pants. Where do they come up with this stuff?! On a bright note at least he hoped he would see Jesus :) He is such a clown.

3) We just found out we have tickets to go see the band FUN next Tuesday night at the Daniel Island stadium!!! I am so stinking excited!!! I love, love, love them!!

4) We are ready for Halloween around these parts! Carson already has two costumes, we have our candy ready(which I have almost taken out), and I am pretty sure Taylor is going to be a ladybug.
(hope they still have this costume).

5) This man turning 35 on Saturday!!! Happy early birthday babe! I seriously couldn't have chosen a better husband or father for our kids. I love you Todd! I hope I can make this birthday as awesome as you make everyday.
(and in that case I better try to pull some shit together soon ha. Hope enchiladas and cupcakes count as awesome )! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Tour...Master Bedroom

Oh this room and all the tweaking that its seen.
  (not to be confused with twerking, which I am pretty good at btw, but we'll save that for another day and post).

I have mentioned before that certain rooms in our house have the most awkward shape, and this one would win first place if it were a contest. It's really skinny and really long. So furniture placement was a little difficult.

I think with all that said and working mostly with what we had, it turned out pretty good. I actually enjoy coming in here at the end of a long day :) It's my quite place, and it finally feels nice and cozy!

This is the end of our home tour. If you want to see the rest of the rooms and some other little snip-its you can click on the top left on Our Home

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday.........

This week list is pretty short, but it's all really good! Plus everything is under $100.00 and that wasn't even on purpose!! 
(ps save 20% plus free shipping on those boots with code 20off)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite everyday looks......

You know the looks I am talking about right? The ones that are semi lounge wear, but are pulled together to look chic and classic. The ones you want to wear while dropping the kids off at school and running errands, but that you could also toss on a pair of heels for an evening out! Yep, I've got you covered for both with today's favorites! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our weekend............

I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend. For once we weren't traveling, and we got to spend some time at home in Charleston. It was so beautiful here this weekend.

Friday Todd got off work a little early, so we packed our cooler and headed to our neighborhood park. We met a bunch of our friends/neighbors and their babies. We drank wine, ate pizza, and enjoyed the great company. It was so fun, and such a short drive home ;) I think it may become a Friday regular!

On Saturday we had a birthday party, I got my oil changed, and the boys (Todd and Carson) spent the day together. They went "birthday shopping" aka Carson of course got to pick out a toy along with the birthday presents they were picking up :) Then they headed to get Carson's haircut........ I am always a bit nervous when Todd takes him, because let's be honest daddies don't care about cutting the curls. Yeah he came back curl-less and looking 5 years older.

Saturday we had an engagement bbq. Truth is, I sometimes don't pay attention to Todd when he is filling me in on things. I thought on Saturday we were just heading to his friends house for some bbq. So imagine my shock when he tells me no, it's an actual engagement party while on the way there. Yeah, I said shock because I was wearing my short cutoff jean shorts and booties?!? Totally appropriate for a bbq at a friends, not so much a bbq engagement party!! I may have started freaking out asking the cab driver to stop at any store so I could find some pants! No luck, and one annoyed husband later I rolled up in my jean shorts. Luckily it was very casual and I quickly grabbed a glass of wine, so all was good.
(note I wore my new favorite booties all night, and no sore feet, seriously best shoes ever).

On Sunday we took the kids the Charles Towne Landing. Both Carson and Taylor love animals, so they were in heaven the entire time.
I knew it was going to be a warm out there, so I gave Taylor her first mini ponytail. Does it get much cuter?

And, as always on Sunday's, Todd and I ate all of the worst, fatty, but taste so good food we could! Now time to get my butt back in the gym today!

Happy Monday :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday..................

1) My baby is no longer a baby :( She officially thinks she's a big girl, and no longer wants to sit in her highchair. Makes me a little sad if I am being honest.

2) Breaking down and buying both pair of booties I was lusting over. I usually never buy two pair of shoes at once, but I just couldn't choose. I adore them both and plan on wearing them all year long! bring it on fall, cause I am ready for you this year ;)

(Save 15% and free shipping with code SHOES15)

3) This tortellini soup. I love soup, and it's pretty much on a weekly rotation around this house come fall. This one looks delicious, and I know Todd will love the fact that is has meat in it!

4) This quote........ So very true. 

5) The pure happiness on both of my babies faces in this picture.  Sometimes it's the little things like a simple balloon.