Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Newly Fluffed........

I have an obsession with rearranging and styling our master bedroom. Recently I changed a few things up, and I must say I am liking the new look.

With the new look of the bedroom comes new pajamas and new smell-goods.
Tell me I am not alone in wanting it all to be perfect at once? You know kinda like when you get a new purse you want all new accessories to toss in it. Maybe that was a bad example, but you know what I am saying.
So here she is the "newly fluffed" bedroom, with my new pajamas and new candle.
I am officially obsessed with both of them! 

 If you are in the market for new pajamas do yourself a favor and get these! Victoria's Secret just launched their new patterns in the Cotton Mayfair Boxer and you better believe I'll be grabbing a few more. Here are my favorites from the new collection. 
(Don't forget right now VS  has their special offer going on now. Use the code Fall13 to save).


  1. Tocca candles are the best! How the heck do you sleep in long sleeves? I have to have sleeveless or I get uncomfortable!

  2. I love those PJs! But I would have to have short sleeves I think!!

  3. I love those PJs! They have such cute prints! And your pillows are perfect!

  4. The room looks great! I love the monogrammed pillows! And the pjs - look so comfy! (and so cute on you).

  5. I'm currently fluffing up our master and I just love the look of yours!

  6. Where did you get the rug from? I love it! (Sorry if I posted this twice..)

  7. Your room makes me want to crawl into bed! Very warm and I love your rug!


  8. I was just at VS the other day picking out some new jammies! I love my Eberjey's, but they are expensive for something only seen by my family. VS always has great stuff. www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  9. Those jammies are so cute! I also love Tocca candles!