Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I want Wednesday..............

I mean seriously how amazing are these colors, and this pattern? Totaling in at $76.00, I think she'll be coming home with me!

I think these are the cutest earrings ever. How fun are these for summer? Bonus they are on sale right now for $52.26. Can't beat that for Tory Burch anything.

 How awesome would these look on my updated bar area? 

Wouldn't that gold be the perfect touch?

Well technically I already have this, but really I want/need another one! The smell is out of this world good! I've been burning it like crazy.I actually added it to my "bar area"  this morning and lit it to make me happy. I needed a little pick me up at 6 am when both my kids woke me up ha! 

What a perfect little blouse. The detail around the neck is my favorite. I picture myself wearing this with white skinny jeans or white shorts, but really you could pair it with any bottoms and it would look great. 

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  1. I am so obsessed with Nest candles. Candles in my new house make me the happiest. Are we getting old? I want people to gift me tea towels and candles....ha. Oh, your bar area is fab and needs some glitz.