Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap...........

Our weekend started off not so great over here. I took Taylor to the doctor on Friday after she was running fever for two days. I just thought it was her teeth, because she had fever and no other symptoms.Not the case. Baby girl had strep throat. I could not believe it, because Carson is 4 and has never had it! So we came home and snuggled the rest of the day. Not going to lie is was kind of nice her being so calm and sleeping on mama. Thank goodness Carson was at my parents so he was not exposed. 

Saturday she was 100% better. By 11:00 she was wide open running around the beach. Nothing stops this busy body, not even strep throat.

After the beach we all headed home and showered up. Todd was sweet and let my mom and I go on a date while he watched the kids. We had such a great time at dinner, but we were so busy talking I forgot to take pictures of our food.We ate at one of my favorites Wild Olive, and while the food was  delicious the drinks were even more amazing!! If you go there you must get their strawberry mojito!

We didn't stop the stuffing our face for the weekend there! On Sunday we hit up another tried and true favorite Hominy Grill. I may have ordered what they call the big nasty. Looks a little something like this. Yeah I know you want to jump through the screen and eat it all up.
We then headed to the candy store on market so the kids could run wild and get sugar high. You know that's what Mimi's like to do. Here was our attempt at a family picture. If you have kids you know how that goes ;)

Now here is your funny for the day, cause it's Monday and we all need a good laugh on Monday.


  1. That someecard is perfect! Glad Tay is feeling better and so glad no one else caught it! Poor baby!

  2. Glad Taylor is all better! Her bathing suit is the most precious thing!

  3. Loving that ecard! Glad Taylor is feeling better..sick babies are never fun but I always love the extra snuggles. Wild Olive and Hominy Grill are probably two of my favs! Happy Monday!!!

  4. That saying is hilarious! I'm glad you were able to get some one on one time with your mom after having poor Taylor sick!

  5. I work at Hominy! Bummed I wasn't working this weekend!

  6. Wild Olive is one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston! So good!

  7. I'm DYING over the ecard. But really. Some days it's oh, so true!!!!!

    Ps - just added you to my "favorite reads" list so I can keep up on a daily basis! Love your blog and so glad I found it (through the link-up, right?). :)