Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thoughts for Tuesday

* My diet has flown out of the window. I must get back on track, all I want to is eat taco bell and not go to the gym. Not a good thing when I still have all summer to rock my bikini. So on that note, I think I will eat this for my next 5 meals. It actually looks pretty darn good, and it has to be healthy because it came from clean eating magazine ;) 

* My little princess wore her first bracelet the other day. I couldn't get over just how sweet she looked with it on her wrist. She surprisingly did really good and never tried to pull it off. 

* My child who hasn't napped in 2 years has started napping everyday! Crazy right? Why did I wait this long to make him start quite time in his room? Who really cares though, he naps now and that all that matters ;) It makes me one happy and a little more sane mamma!

* I have a girls night out tonight and I am really looking forward to some wine and lady time! I think it's so important for us mama's to have a night out ;) I plan on wearing my new favorite maxi dress! For real ladies this dress is flawless!

* Last how cute are these July 4th inspired fruit skewers? I think I may whip these up for our little neighborhood parade/cookout! 


  1. yay for girls night boo for no wine for me! That pasta looks delish!

  2. That pasta looks SO good! I love anything with goat cheese in it.

  3. Such a cute maxi! I'm so envious of your girls night! I think I need some time away at least once a week.

    Your kids are so adorable!

  4. The salad looks super yummy, your daughter is adorable (love the bracelet), I am going to need that dress too! ;) xo