Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She's Back.............

Hey hey hey!!!
Guess who's back in stock!!

Y'all, she is everything I hoped and more! The colors and the fit are magical!! I can not wait for family pictures!!!
(It's very long, I am going to have to have it taken up or wear really high heels ;)

The sizes sold out like wild fire last time! So I thought I would give you all a heads up in case you missed your size.
  (Nordstrom again nicely sent me an email letting me know this info, maybe they forgot I had already purchased it ha)!
Here is another shot and the back of the dress.

(ps dillards has this dress online as well, and they have all sizes in stock).

See you guys on Friday! I am off to get my terrible roots highlighted, so don't judge the bad hair in these pictures ;)


  1. Wow, beautiful dress! :)



  2. Stop it! You are just making me want to spend more money! :-)

  3. Gorgeous! That is the perfect dress for pictures! I think I may have to order it.

  4. So pretty!! Did it fit true to size? Your normal size?