Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school........

I know you guys have been getting all those catalogs in the mail. Go head and say you don't smile at the thought of school starting back. If you just rolled your eyes and said, "no way I love having my kids home with me 24-7" then I am calling your bluff or just calling you crazy!! 

Either way I think the stuff is pretty cute this year! I mean besides the fact I want to drop- kick Pottery Barn Kids for including Spider-man and Star Wars in their book bag collection. Try explaining to an almost 5 year old that the damn dinosaur is cooler that a superhero. Don't worry I did try and I won that battle.
 (Not really I bribed him with new spider man pjs in trade for the cute backpack).

Here are my picks for back to school MMO for Taylor and Carson. Tell me I am not the only mama who surfs the internet looking for all the fun and cool stuff to buy their kids for back to school?
(yes baby Taylor goes to mmo, that girl is way too social busy to stay home with me all day).
All above images can be found at Pottery Barn Kids.


  1. Yes! So adorable! I believe we're doing the pony backpack this year!!! I'M SO READY!!!!

  2. Can't wait to hit the stores when the time comes for a little one. Such fun, cute stuff!