Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday............

Let's start this weekend off right with the top five highlights from this week!THE GOOD LIFE BLOG 

 I am participating with Darci over at the good life blog for her 5 on Friday! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should she's adorable!

1) I went to lunch with some lady friends on Wednesday, and this is what I ate dominated!!No your screen is not playing tricks on you, I really ate all of this! I have the appetite of a man, it's a real problem! 

2) Carson went to stay with his Mimi and Papa for the night. This was us saying goodbye :( Can you tell he loves his mama? Todd and I joke all the time that we will have to kick him out of the house when he is 30! 

3) I scored Taylor this Milly Mini swimsuit! Can you even get over how cute it is? Having a girl is hard, especially on daddies wallet ha!

4) We had playgroup at the pool yesterday........the hostess brought Lime-a-rita's...need I say more?

5) Todd booked our anniversary trip in Savannah at this sweet B&B !!! Let's all take note its at the end of August, he totally gets brownie points on this one ;) I.can.not.wait!!! 

Happy Weekend loves!